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G4 (LGH818N) Preloaded Apps not showing in phone after Marshmallow OS update

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  • Last Updated 05/23/2016

Preloaded Apps not shown in phone after M OS (Android 6.0) Update :

A G4 user might face  the issue after update Marshmallow OS  that some preloaded applications are  not visible in the phone menu.

e.g. “Voice Mate, Remote Call Service, Smart World, Quick Remote, LG Health, Weather, Evernote, Quick Memo+, FM Radio etc.

The reason being, that apps also get updated for use with new OS & hence the latest version of the apps

have to be downloaded to make them work with the new OS.

This can be done as per the below process

Go to update centre & Download the apps. After that they will be visible in the phone menu.

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