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LGM250I (K10 2017) - Safe Mode booting guide

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  • Last Updated 06/09/2017

Safe Mode Booting :

Safe mode booting allows us to boot the phone in "Safe Mode" which disables the downloaded apps.

This may required when the phone is not booting up properly or some error appears on the screen repeatedly due to some app

which does not allow the phone to operate. In such a situation, a  user cannot remove the app in "Normal Booting " mode.

Booting the phone in Safe mode allows us to remove the problematic app.

Procedure to boot in Safe Mode:

1) Press & Hold Power  button , to display the "Power Off Screen"

2) Press & Hold on the "Power" key

3) A pop-up to boot in safe mode will appear

4) Click "Turn ON" to reboot the phone in "Safe Mode"

Refer to the images below for detailed process



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