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LGM250I (K10 2017) - Factory Reset Guide

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  • Last Updated 06/09/2017

LGM250I Factory Reset Guide :

Factory reset is done when the phone is not responding properly or has got stuck & does not boot up.

Also this is done to restore the phone to its factory default setup & delete all the data, files & accounts from the phone.

Below procedure explains, how it can be done.

1. Press & Hold Volume Down & Power Key simultaneously

2. When the LG logo appears on the screen, release the Power Key & immediately press it again.

    Make sure to release the power key just when the LG Logo appears. Do not wait. 

3.  After the above step, reset screen like below will appear

4. Select "Yes" with volume up/down keys to reset or "No" to exit from this screen

5. Press power key to confirm "Yes"

6. Phone will reboot after completing the Factory Reset


Make sure that all the important data is backed up before reset as it will delete all the data.

Also the user can login only with the Gmail ID that was previously used in the phone. This is to prevent the

unauthorized access of the users data in case of loss or theft of the phone.

If user does not remember his Google ID & Password, then it can be unlocked from the service center.  

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