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Pixel Policy of LCD Monitor

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  • Last Updated 06/07/2012

This article is detailed description on how LG Electronics define LCD pixel criteria

for warranty of LCD monitors and applies to all LG Electronics LCD monitors.


1. Definition of bright and dark sub-pixel


LCD Panel contains millions of sub-pixels in order to display colors, as seen on the “Table 1”

and following symptoms can be occurred, as seen in the “Picture 2”


1-1. Bright sub-pixel : The symptom that some very small spots like red, green,

       or blue emit light on the screen


1-2. Dark sub-pixel : The symptom that some very small spots are visible on the screen




2. Guarantee for bright and dark sub-pixel


Bright or dark sub-pixels can be occurred on the screen under production of LCD panel.

The symptom can be shown if film of liquid crystal does not perform as expected while customer uses the LCD monitors.

However this does not affect to LCD panel functionality.

Bright sub-pixels and dark sub-pixels are not considered as a defect up to one per 1 million sub-pixels respectively, as shown in the “Table 1”


[ Table 1 : Allowed number of bright and dark sub-pixel ]


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