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How to set the Personal Mode in Airconditioner

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  • Last Updated 07/07/2012

How to set the Personal Mode in Airconditioner


Personal Mode

1) This mode is used to save the independent setting for the desired Temp,

    Fan speed and auto swing for three different modes P1,P2,P3.

    Temp setting key , fan speed key and auto swing key on control panel will be locked,

    as soon as Personal Mode is selected by remote controller.


2) Also Personal mode will operate only when the unit is running in cool mode.

    Setting for temp , fan speed and auto swing can be changed for each mode

    separately after particular mode P1/P2/P3 has been selected using Personal mode .


3) After the setting have been changed or not changed for desired temp.

    fan speed and auto swing in a particular mode (P1/P2/P3), the temp setting key,

    fan speed key and auto swing key will be locked with in 20~25 sec of the last key pressed

    during the process of changing the setting .

    How ever if Personal mode key is pressed again, the keys will be unlocked.


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