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Smell/Odour in new Refrigerator

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  • Last Updated 07/31/2014


Smell/Odour in new Refrigerator




New products may smell due to plastic material used inside being stored inside the

packing without much air circulation.

In reality the smell/odour is more of the stale air than the product itself. 


How to fix

When it smells badly, cleaning with alcohol/soap solution helps to reduce the odor.

Refrigerators are equipped with Deodorizer. 

When it is used for a long time, its performance may be impeded.

Clean deodorizer and and refit inside the refrigerator.



※ Deodorizer can be used semi-permanently. Dry with a hair dryer or in sunlight. 

※ When food is spilled over the deodorizer, it needs to be replaced.



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