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How can I remove frost? (Direct Cool (Single Door) Refrigerator)

  • Frost Buildup
  • Frost Buildup
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  • Refrigerators, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 08/17/2018



Frost Removal in Direct Cool (Single Door) Refrigerator



 Symptom Symptom


              1. Frost build up in the freezer.



   How to fix  How to fix


             1. Press Defrost button on the Temperature Control to thaw the frost.

             2. It is advisable to cover all the food items and leave till the Defrost button releases on its own.

                 Note this may take a few hours based on ambient conditions and extent of frost formation. 

             3. Once all the frost has melted, clean the interior with a clean dry cloth. 
             Caution: Do not use sharp tools for removing frost to avoid damages to the cooling plate.









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