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Refrigerator door display shows P error

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  • Refrigerators, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 07/03/2015

 Why does my refrigerator door display shows 'P'?


            Door display shows 'P'



          1. 'P' on the display indicates that the refrigerator has started working on Power saving mode or Smart inverter mode

                        Smart Inverter mode enables the refrigerator to operate even when there is no main supply and only power backup is available. Thereby it helps in retaining the cooling and avoiding loss of cooling due to power failure.

            2. Smart Inverter mode get activated when the power source is Inverter or generator, or main supply is too high or low

     How to fix


            This is not a problem but a product feature. The refrigerator will resume its last cooling setting once the power supply is resumed to normal.




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