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Not Cold Enough_ SBS FRD REF

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  • Last Updated 07/26/2016

Not Cold Enough


Not Cold Enough

 How to fix

Step 1. Explain all place on room is not same temperature LG recommend 37℉/0℉
in normal condition
Down the temperature 2~3 degrees from initial setting
ex) 37℉/0℉ → 35℉/-2℉ → 33℉/-4℉

Step 2. Open the refrigerator door and check if the unit has a push-in door switch or a magnetic door switch

Push in the door switch or hold a magnet over the door switch to imitate closing the doors. Reach above the top shelf, place hand over vent, and feel if cold air is coming from the vents.
→ If Reed Switch or Magnet is left out, The unit would appreciate “not closing”. Then, not coming out cold    
   air from the vents

※ Doors being opened too frequently
→ when the doors are opened, warm air enters the unit. The unit will not be able to maintain a stable    
    temperature regardless of the setting if the doors are opened to frequently.

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