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[ThinQ] How do I change the Region & Language settings?


How to Use LG ThinQ

Changing language and region settings

1. First, you need to log out of your current ThinQ app account.

   - On the top-right side of your ThinQ main page,   click on the   Menu ” icon and select Logout button

2. After logging out, set your language and region as below in the login page.

       1) On the top right corner, select                                2) Select your desired region                               3) Now you can use ThinQ app with

       Region/Language ”(e.g. USA/English)                   and language from the list                                    the selected region and language settings.



* As the default region (country) account is set to the country where your product was purchased, it is not recommended to change the region(country) settings.

   Otherwise, you cannot register the product. 

※ When changing the Region & Language settings, user needs to login with the corresponding region account.

     When logging in with the changed region(country) settings, user needs to create a new account .


Note : This content applicable model launched and sold in India

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