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[Fully Automatic / Front Loading] Leakage from Dispenser or Door

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  • Last Updated 05/30/2014

Leakage from Dispenser or Door


Detergent Drawer Leaks

Have the detergent drawer and siphoning trays been cleaned?


The dispenser should be cleaned periodically to remove buildup from detergent and other laundry products. 

Buildup causes the water to overflow and leak out. Remove the tray and detach the siphoning pieces. 

Using a soft cloth or brush and warm water clean the trays thoroughly.


Pull out the tray fully and press in on the center tab to remove the dispenser drawer for cleaning


Washer Door Leaks

Is the gasket (seal) and door cleaned regularly and free of obstruction?


The gasket and door require regular cleaning to prevent buildup that prevents proper sealing. It is generally

recommended that both should be wiped clean and dried after washing. If this is not done, a buildup of lint, 

pet hair, or detergent residue occurs which prevents proper sealing between door and gasket, which will cause

leaking. In addition, ensure no clothing items are caught between the seal and door before running a new wash load.

Is the gasket damaged?

Do not trap any items of clothing between the door glass and rubber seal to prevent damage during operation. 

A damaged door gasket cannot produce a tight seal.

NOTE: Clothing items should not be placed between the door seal and the glass. This can cause severe damage to the

door seal of the washer when the unit enters the spin cycle.


If the problem is not resolved, please call  LG Support representative on 1800-180 -9999 (Toll Free)



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