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[Front Loading] - What should I do if laundry is not dried?

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  • Last Updated 04/30/2015

What should I do if laundry is not dried?




cause Cause


      - When laundry that has not been spin-dried is put into a dryer, it may not be dried or take longer to dry. 

      - Same symptom that occur when too much laundry is put into a dryer.



how to fix How to fix


      1. Please spin-dry laundry first before putting it into a dryer.


          amount of load


     2. When laundry that is not spin-dried is placed in a dryer, it may take longer to dry or may not be completely dried. 


     3. Lint filter should be cleaned after each use or when Clean Filter appears on display.


         cycle choose, lint filter


    4. For an electric dryer, if Clean Filter continues to flash during use after a filter is cleaned, please clean a condenser.


         condenser empty water


    5. For an electric dryer, drying will pause when Empty Water is shown on display.

        Please empty water to continue.


    6. Clean a condenser if laundry is not dried even after a water tank is emptied.


       clean vent pipe


    7. For a gas dryer, drying may be complete when vent pipes are clogged as moisture cannot be exhausted

        Please keep vent pipes clean and free of lint.


    8. Please keep an adequate amount of laundry.

        adequate amount

          add more time


     9. A load of laundry (spin-dried) should fill about half of the height of a tub.


    10. When too much laundry is placed in a dryer, it may take longer or laundry may not be dried completely.


    11. Please sort laundry by color and fabric type before drying.


    12. If laundry load is too low in [Sensor Drying] mode, the machine cannot properly detect the load
          and it will stop after running for ten minutes.


    13. Add laundry to dry or set drying time for 30 minutes in Manual Drying or Timed Drying mode.


If the problem is not resolved, please call  LG Support representative on 1800-180 -9999 (Toll Free)



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