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How Can I upgrade my phone wirelessly

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  • Last Updated 04/10/2015

Process to upgrade the firmware wiresslessly :


When you have a SW issue (Refer to a following list of symptoms), please upgrade phone software

for the latest version via FOTA(Firmware Over The Air) before visiting LG Service Center.


- Reset on receiving / sending messages  

- Intermittently reset when changing to specific modes or applying specific scenarios 

- Phone randomly powers off 

- Phone randomly freezes or hangs

-  Erratic functioning of phone functions  & applications


How to Setup


Go to Settings  General Tab à About phone Update Center Software Update Check now for update


  FOTA setup 1



FOTA UI – Download & Install

   FOTA setup 2   FOTA setup 3


※ Before applying FOTA, please be recommended to use a proper Wi-Fi network to avoid

     high data fee and make sure to fully charge the battery and have the enough device memory.

     Please do not remove the battery during upgrade.


FOTA FAQs                


a) Moving from Wi-Fi environment to 3G while downloading in Wi-Fi/3G option.

    - Downloading will continue in 3G network.                    

   - When ‘Wi-Fi Only’ is selected, downloading will be paused as Wi-Fi network is disconnected 
       Once Wi-Fi network is reconnected, download will restart.  


b) Disconnection of 3G/Wi-Fi network while downloading.

     - Due to a resume function, downloading will continue from where it paused.


c)  Is software update still available after rooting?

     - During the process of verifying current software before installing new software, 
       the update will not be available anymore, if the current software has been modified by rooting or other process.

    - FOTA is designed to only download and install modified areas instead of updating a FULL IMAGE.


d) While installing after download, what happens if the installation stops due to battery?

     - Once the power turns back on, download will restart from where it paused with resume function.


e) Is customer’s data saved?

      - As user’s data are saved in a different location, data will not be deleted. 
        However, data back-up is recommended as it cannot be guaranteed.


f) When a number of SW are available, can I update my phone straight to the latest version?

    - Since FOTA is designed to only download modified areas, therefore the machine needs to be updated in a sequential order.


g) Is there any difference in SW between the Web Update and the FOTA update?

    - SW update will be the same as that of Web Update, once the latest version is installed by FOTA.


If the problem is not resolved, please call  LG Support representative on 1800-180 -9999 (Toll Free)



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