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[MC] Mosquito Away : How to use

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  • Mobile Accessories, Mobile Phones, Smart Watches
  • Last Updated 10/05/2017


        Mosquito Away is an application which can keep mosquitoes away from user  by emitting a high frequency sound.

  How to use

  Mosquito Away functionality can be triggered in two ways.

  (1) From Pre-Installed Mosquito Away (MA) app

  • To run Mosquito Away in foreground, launch Mosquito Away app from Main Menu as shown in fig-1.
  • Help message will be displayed after launching the app for the first time. Click on OK button as shown in fig-2.
  • To start the functionality, click on grey color button at the bottom of screen as shown in fig-3.
  • MA app  starts emitting ultra sound by displaying the 2hrs default timer along with animation screen as shown in fig-4.
  • When MA App is running, status Icon and a notification bar will be displayed.

  2) From QuickMenu

  • The application can be started in background, by clicking Mosquito icon from QuickMenu. (Icon will be highlighted.)
  • Default execution/run time is two hours. However user can change the timer using pre-installed app timer menu.

   [To  ON/OFF  functionality in background, press Mosquito icon on QuickMenu bar as per below fig. ] 


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