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Various reasons of increase the power consumption of Split- Air Conditioner

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  • Last Updated 12/06/2016

SUBJECT : Various reasons of  increase the power consumption of Split- Air Conditioner due to

                       wrong Installation

check point Check point

Split -Air Conditioner Installation location

■ Total Room area

Low Voltage power supply

Defective Stabilizer

 Copper connecting Pipe length

how to setup How to Setup

Before installation check the suitable location of Outdoor unit for ventilation of condensate air 

Before installation check the suitable location of Indoor unit to maintain the Room temperature

■ Room area should not more than AC Tonnage capacity ,for 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner area 150 sqr feet if heat source is in the room

■ Low voltage increase the power consumption of Air Conditioner , Voltage should be 220-230 voltage

■ Replace the defective stabilizer or repaired for proper voltage 

■ Pipe length should be not more than recommended and Additional pipe length increase the power consumption 


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