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Why is the outdoor unit not running? (Split/multi-type air conditioner)

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  • Last Updated 06/13/2015

Why is the outdoor unit not running? (Split/multi-type air conditioner)


Symptom Symptom


             Outdoor unit of the split/multi-type air conditioner does not run.


Cause Cause


             For split/multi-type air conditioners with the power cord on the wall-mounted unit,

             power has to be connected to both the wall-mounted and standing air conditioners for cooling,

             even though only when the wall-mounted unit is used.


How to fix How to fix


             Power for the outdoor unit is connected to the standing air conditioner. 
             Please make sure that the power cord is plugged for both to use the wall-mounted unit.


             Check if power is plugged

         <Split/multi-type air conditioner – Check if power is plugged>


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