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How to resolve Air Flow Noise issue in Split AC's

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  • Last Updated 11/15/2016

Subject : Customer Inconvenience/perception of noise due to air flow  

symptom Symptom

Buzzing/Whizzing Noise

cause Cause

Unit operation at incorrect Fan Speed selection

Too low desired temperature selection (ideal selection would be 24ºC to 26ºC)

Seating at very close proximity to the Indoor Unit

 Very quiet surrounding


how to fix How to fix

Explain to Customer to select lower Fan speed

Explain to customer that when unit operates at High fan speed the minor increase in sound is due to higher air flow

Some amount of flow noise is always audible if customer is very close Indoor Unit

Unit operation at lower set temperatures may result in marginal increase in flow noise due to longer operation of mechanical parts  

■  In some special modes like Himalaya Cool, Chaos Logic (Natural Wind) mode the sensation of noise variance is normal

    due to preset logic operation of Fan & Compressor    

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