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Function of Local Key Operation

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  • Last Updated 06/14/2017

SUBJECT : Function of Local Key Operation

function Function

Local Key Operation allows the user/owner to restrict/prevent the unauthorized person from changing the setting of the Signage

from local keys available on the set.

check point Check point

Please check and connect the IR Sensor properly with the set.

how to setup How to Setup

Enter into Installation Menu to set/change the value of Local Key Operation.

Press and hold the setting key of remote control for 5 seconds

When input id bar display on top right corner of the set then enter password (0000) and press ok.

Select Signage setup menu and press ok 

Go to Local Key Operation menu and select the desired option from 3 available options - Normal, Power Key only and Block all 

    1. Normal : If you set the option the Local Key Operation to "Normal" then the local keys available on set will work normally.

     2. Power Key only : If you set the option the Local Key Operation to "Power Key only" then only the Power key (available on set) will work.

     3. Block all : If you set the option the Local Key Operation to "Block all" then any local keys available on set will not work (except power on function)

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