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Youtube- General Operation

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- Youtube- General Operation


YouTube operates differently depending on the model you have. It is of basic design on the Smart TVs yet a little more advanced on the Netcast TVs.

YouTube on a Smart TV

Upon entering the YouTube application, popular videos will stream automatically.

The home screen will show Search or Watch the currently playing video.

Select Search to pull the up the keyboard to search for titles.

Select Watch to continue streaming the currently playing video.

YouTube on a Netcast TV

The YouTube application provides somewhat more control than the Smart TV counterpart.

The Home screen will give you the following choices:

Home- Brings you back to the Home screen menu

Featured- Will give you the option of viewing recently added content

Popular- Gives you the option of viewing highly watched content

Most Viewed- Gives you the option to watch commonly viewed content

Search- Gives the option of letting you type in the name of a video you wish to view

History- Shows the videos you have saved as Favorites

Sign In/Out- Logs you in/out of your account


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