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Skype- Camera Issue

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- Skype- Camera Issue


Many problems can be narrowed down to either having the wrong camera or not having the correct update version on the TV.

Check the camera's model number

For 2010 Netcast TV models you will need to use the AN-VC200.

2011 Smart TVs require either the AN-VC200 or the AN-VC300.

2012 Smart TVs require the AN-VC400.

Note: No other cameras will be compatible with the televisions as only an LG brand camera will be compatible.

Is the camera not recognized by the TV after being inserted?

Make sure the camera is firmly connected to the television. After doing so, is it recognized by the TV?

If so, check the firmware level on your television to make sure you have the latest version.

If not, unplug the camera for 10 seconds then replug the camera. A message should appear once the camera is inserted.

Also check the other USB ports on the television as the first may not recognize the camera.

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