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Lint on laundry


                  Lint on laundry remain after complete wash cycle

   How to Prevent Lint Accumulation on Clothes :

-  First Step  check points :

Select appropriate program depending on the   type of clothes and the dirt level.

      Jeans                         : For Heavily soiled bulky items.

      Pre Wash + Normal : For Pre-Treatment of heavily Soiled/dirty Clothes.

      Soak Wash               : For heavily stained clothes, in order to remove grime.

-   Pre-Treat dirt and stains by brushing a little detergent dissolved in water onto stains like collars and cuffs to help shift dirt.

  - Other Check points .
q   Wash Lint Generator (Towels, Terry Cloth, etc.)   & Lint Collector (Synthetic Cloth,Socks, etc ) separately .( mentioned in Owners manual)
q   Clean lint filter after every 3 Wash cycle.
q   Check recommended washing for each cloth according to fabric texture.
q   Turn the clothes (especially the pants) inside out and only then, put them for wash.
q   Check inside the pockets for paper cash or tissues.
q   Use dryer/ Spining time for Less duration, longer spin can generate more Fabric Fibers.
q   Load product as per rated capacity &as per programme

    Use Tub Clean Program, once in a Month to remove lint and dirt build-up.

Lint on Laundry is not the Technical or Product issue, Its Depend on laundry type and lint generator and lint producer laundry mixing

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