LG 97 (246.38cm) LG OLED evo AI G4 4K Smart TV 2024


LG 97 (246.38cm) LG OLED evo AI G4 4K Smart TV 2024

Front view with LG OLED evo TV, OLED G4, 11 Years of world number 1 OLED Emblem and webOS Re:New Program logo on screen

A masterpiece perfected by time-honed expertise

Years of commitment to innovation can't be imitated overnight. The world-leading OLED's uniquely tailored alpha chipset elevates the viewing experience to new heights.

*Screen images simulated.


A gold emblem of LG is world's number 1 OLED TV brand for 11 Years against a black backdrop. A spotlight shines on the emblem, and gold abstract stars fill the sky above it.

The World's No.1

11 years later,
still on top

Our reign as the world's favorite OLED continues.

*Omdia. 11 years of NO 1 regarding most sold units 2013-2023. This result is not an endorsement of LGE or its products. Visit https://www.omdia.com/ for more details.

What makes LG OLED evo AI stand apart?

LG's alpha 11 AI Processor 4K on top of a motherboard, emitting purple and pink bolts of light.	  One Wall Design of LG OLED G4 and LG Soundbar mounted flat against the wall in a modern living space.  LG OLED Care+ and 5 Year Panel Warranty logo against a black backdrop.  Brightness Booster Max with an image of whale jumping out of the water before a starry night sky.
alpha 11 AI Processor

11 years of expertise packed
into one chipset

The only chipset dedicated to OLED redefines the experience through deep learning, graphics, and speed.

LG's alpha 11 AI Processor 4K barely visible amidst darkness. The AI Processor lights up purple and pink, and colorful bolts of light shoot out from it. More bolts appear across the motherboard, stretching further, and white dots like stars come into view, creating the impression of an intergalactic scene.

Faster AI Performance


Improved Graphics


Processing Speeds

*Comparison is based on a conventional TV with alpha 5 AI Processor. 

**Screen images simulated. 

Intelligence that refines the OLED experience

LG OLED in a modern living space displaying a musical performance on screen. Blue circular waves depicting personalization surround the TV and space.  A woman with piercing blue eyes and a burnt orange top in a dark space. Red lines depicting AI refinements cover part of her face, which is bright and detailed, while the rest of the image looks dull.   LG OLED TV as sound bubbles and waves emit from the screen and fill the space.
AI Customization

Syncs with how you watch

A gallery featuring 6 images of hot air balloons in the sky are shown. Two images are selected. Next, a gallery featuring 6 images of people blowing bubbles appears. 2 more are selected. A black screen appears with a pink and purple loading icon. A mystical landscape appears, and refinements appear gradually from left to right.

A picture tailored to your taste

Select your favorite images, and AI Picture Wizard creates a picture tailored exactly to your unique taste from 85 million possibilities, then saves it to your profile.

LG OLED TV in a modern city apartment. A grid overlay appears over the image like a scan of the space, and then blue soundwaves project from the screen, perfectly filling the room with sound.

AI Acoustic Tuning

The optimal audio
fits your space

The sound system detects the layout of your room and where you're sitting to create a dome of sound around you, perfectly tuned to your room's unique acoustics.

LG OLED TV and LG Soundbar in a modern living space in nighttime. The screen image of the aurora borealis is displayed with the ideal brightness levels.


LG OLED TV and LG Soundbar in a modern living space in daytime. The screen image of the aurora borealis is displayed with the ideal brightness levels.


Intelligence that's bright in any light

Come day or night, Brightness Control detects the light in your space and balances the picture accordingly for crisp and clear visuals.

AI Picture Pro

Feel authentic realism
in every frame

*Screen images simulated.

AI Sound Pro

Hear every detail of
the soundscape

*Screen images simulated.

**Virtual 11.1.2ch Surround and AI Voice Remastering are only available on alpha 11 AI Processor.

***Must be activated through the sound mode menu.

****Sound may vary according to the listening environment.

Brightness Booster Max

Brightness, now 150% brighter

An improved Light Boosting Algorithm and Light Control Architecture turn up the brightness by 150%¹.

*150% brightness enhancement covers 3% of the screen, and applies to 55 (139.7cm)/65 (165.1cm)/77 (195.58cm)/83 (210.82cm) G4. 97 (246.38cm) G4 is not included. 

**70% brighter applies to 55 (139.7cm)/65 (165.1cm)/77 (195.58cm)/97 (246.38cm) G4. 

***Brightness differs by series and size.

****Screen images simulated.


Backlight-free brings
boundless beauty

4 layers of a TV within a side of view: a backlight, TFT & OLED, Film, & Glass. The backlight disappears, and the other 3 come together and then rotate upwards to show the full TV from a front view.

Rather than relying on an additional backlight, LG OLED's self lit pixels illuminate independently. The result is true-to-life color, perfect blacks that never gray, and a picture beyond compare. With Eye Comfort Technology's low-blue light, flicker-free, and discomfort glare-free certifications, watch for longer without eye strain.

*Screen images simulated.

A video shows a side view of the 4 layers of a TV: a backlight, TFT & OLED, Film, & Glass. The backlight disappears, and the other 3 come together and then rotate upwards to show the full TV from a front view.

Endless contrast creates infinite impact

Scenes burst boldly into life where the darkest shadows and brightest lights intertwine.

The Milky Way fills the night sky above a canyon scene. Above the image, "gray is not black" is written in white block capitals against a black backdrop. The screen is split into two sides and marked "Others" and "LG OLED." The other side is noticeably dimmer and lower in contrast, whereas the LG OLED side is bright with high contrast. The LG OLED side also features Discomfort Glare Free and Perfect Black technology certifications.

*Screen Images simulated.

**‘Others’ refer to it as a non-glossy OLED.

***LG OLED TV panels are certified Discomfort Glare Free by UL based on the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) evaluation method.

****Verification issued when UGR is less than 22 when watching TV between 70 lux and 300 lux.

A bustling city scene in the early evening with bold colors and contrast.

100% Color Fidelity & Volume

Scenes shine with lifelike colors

100% color volume boosts rich hues, while 100% color fidelity preserves shades without distortion.

*LG OLED Panel is certified by Intertek for 100% Color Fidelity measured to CIE DE2000 with 125 color patterns.

**Display Color Gamut Volume (CGV) is equivalent or exceeds the CGV of the DCI-P3 color space as verified independently by Intertek. 

OLED TV is standing on the right side of the image. The Support menu is up on the screen, and the OLED Care menu is selected.

Reflection Free

Crisp OLED clarity in any light. LG OLED evo M prevents 99% of light reflections on the screen, making them appear dimmer and less intrusive, even in sun-drenched rooms. See the brightest picture without distractions, certified by Intertek.

*Screen images simulated.

**Available to 88 (210.82cm)/77 (195.58cm)/65 (165.1cm) OLED evo M4 and 97 (246.38cm)/88 (210.82cm)/77 (195.58cm)/65 (165.1cm)/55 (139.7cm) OLED G4.

***The reflectance of the display is defined as the Specular Component Included (SCI) value at 550nm, independently tested by Intertek.

****LG OLED Panel is measured to be under 1% as a reflection free display by Intertek with IDMS 11.2.2 sampling-sphere implementation, and the measurement result can be different based on actual conditions.

OLED TV is standing on the right side of the image. The Support menu is up on the screen, and the OLED Care menu is selected.


Boost the longevity of your OLED

Relax more and enjoy more with integrated panel care that keeps your screen like new for longer.

LG OLED TV, OLED G4 displaying an elegant abstract artwork and LG Soundbar flat against the wall in a modern living space.

One Wall Design

Seamless design shows virtually zero gap

LG OLED TV, OLED G4 within an angled of perspective against a marbled wall showing how it merges against the wall. LG OLED TV, OLED G4 and an LG Soundbar in a clean living space flat against the wall with an orchestral performance playing on screen.

Clean looks at one with
the wall

Merges elegantly against your wall with no gap³.

*Bezel size differs by series and size.
Perfect Fit with LG Audio

The top-tier soundbar worthy
of the best-in-class LG OLED

Flush Fit with zero gap

An iconic design in sight and sound

The perfectly matching LG Soundbar SG10TY fits flat against the wall for a cohesive interior look.

*Soundbar can be purchased separately.

**Soundbar USG10TY matches with OLED G (65 (165.1cm)/77 (195.58cm)).

*Soundbar can be purchased separately, and Soundbar Mode Control may vary by model.

**LG TV Remote usage is limited to certain features only. 

***Please note that the service may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for updates.

****WOW Interface / WOW Orchestra / WOWCAST Compatible TVs: OLED G4, C4 and B4.

Vast Size Range

Sized to fit every life

Discover a size for every space and taste with a lineup ranging from 55 (139.7cm) to 97 (246.38cm).

Comparing LG OLED TV, OLED G4's varying sizes, showing OLED G4 55", OLED G4 65", OLED G4 77", OLED G4 83", and OLED G4 97".

webOS 24

Make your TV experience yours

Experience TV that's made for you with My Profile, AI Picture Wizard, AI Concierge, and Quick Cards.


*Supported menus and apps may vary by country and be different upon release.

**Keyword recommendations vary according to the app and time of day and are only provided in countries that support NLP in their native language. 

***Screen images simulated.

The webOS logo hovering in the center on a black background, and the space below is illuminated with the logo colors of red, orange, and yellow. The words "webOS Re:New Program" are below the logo.

webOS Re:New Program

Every year, a new TV for 5 years

It's always as fresh as new, even as we add new features and convenience.

Five rectangles in different colors are staggered upwards, each labeled with a year from "webOS 24" to "webOS 28". Upward-pointing arrows are between the rectangles, labeled from "Upgrade 1" to "Upgrade 4".

With the webOS Re:New Program, customers can enjoy four upgrades over five years, ensuring a total of five webOS versions, including the current one at the time of purchase.

*The webOS Re:New Program supports a total of four upgrades over five years, the threshold is the pre-installed version of webOS, and upgrade schedule varies from month-end to year-start.

**Updates and the schedule to some features, applications, and services may vary by model and region.

***Upgrades available for 2023 include UHD and above models.

Your TV knows what you love

*Screen images simulated.

**Reduced or limited content may be shown depending on region and network connectivity.

***An unlimited number of profiles can be created however the home screen will only display up to 10 profiles.

****Supported features, menus, and apps above may vary by country and upon release.

*****For you keyword' in AI Concierge can only be provided in countries that support NLP in their native language. 

******Keyword recommendations vary according to the app and time of day.

*******Always Ready feature is available with LG OLED M4, G4, C4, CS4, B4, QNED99, QNED90, QNED89, QNED85, and 86NANO80.

An LG Magic Remote with the middle circular button, as neon purple light emanates around the button to highlight them. A soft purple glow surrounds the remote on a black background.

Magic Remote

The magic is
in your hands

Free yourself from the constraints of old-fashioned buttons. LG Magic Remote unlocks all the smart functionality of your LG TV with a click, scroll, or your voice.

*The functions and features in Magic Remote may vary by region and language.

Multi View

Multiply your view,
multiply your fun

When one screen isn't enough, split it into 2-4 segments. Use your TV as a dual monitor for your PC, or add more screen to search on the web and to watch in PiP at the same time.

*Screen images simulated.

**Picture and sound settings on both screens are the same.

***Support for 2 screen / 4 screen mode varies by model and country. (3&4 screen mode is available only with M4 and G4 series.)

Get total connectivity from your TV

*Screen images simulated.

**Apple, the Apple logo, Apple TV, AirPlay and HomeKit are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

***Support for AirPlay 2, HomeKit, Chromecast Built-in, and may vary by region, and language.

****LG supports 'Matter' Wi-Fi devices. 'Matter' supported services and features may vary depending on the connected devices. Initial connection for ThinQ and Matter should be via ThinQ mobile app.

*****Use of the hands-free voice function without a remote control is only possible with the alpha 9 AI Processor and may vary depending on products and regions.

******Chromecast built-in service may not yet be available at the time of purchase of OLED CS4, but you will be able to enjoy the service after installing webOS software updates.

A rich array of content ready to watch

*Screen images simulated.

**Available content and apps may vary by country, product, and region.

***Separate subscription and its related entities are required for Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+.

****Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

*****Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Tune into cinematic
marvels and arcade fun

Dolby Vision & FILMMAKER Mode

Authentic movie scenes burst into life

Transform movie night. Dolby Vision's ultra-vivid picture comes together with the support of FILMMAKER MODE™ to preserve the director's intention, optimizing the picture quality while ensuring no distortion or over-processing.

A director in front of a control panel editing the movie "Killers of the Flower Moon" on an LG OLED TV. A quote by Martin Scorsese: "For home viewing, every film should be seen in filmmaker mode," overlays the image with the "Killers of the Flower Moon" logo, Apple TV+ logo, and a "coming soon" logo. Dolby Vision logo FILMMAKER MODE™ logo

*Screen images simulated.

**FILMMAKER MODE is a trademark of UHD Alliance, Inc.

Dolby Atmos

Enticing soundscapes surround you

Hear action surround you with Dolby Atmos's unparalleled clarity, intricate detail, and spatial depth.

A cozy, dimly lit living space, LG OLED TV displaying a couple is using an umbrella, and bright circle graphics surround the room. Dolby Atoms logo in the bottom left corner.

*Screen images simulated.

Director-approved for advanced processing

Palme d'Or winner Sean Baker on his influences and inspirations.

In conversation with Netflix's Beef director Lee Sung Jin.

Where Ryusuke Hamaguchi crafts his award-winning movies.

Ultimate Gaming

Where fast action never stutters

Obliterate tears and lags with AMD FreeSync Premium, G-Sync compatibility, 144Hz Mode, and VRR built in.

*Certified for "Excellent Gaming Performance" and response times by Intertek.

**VRR ranges from 40Hz to 144Hz, and is a certified specification of HDMI 2.1. 

***144Hz Mode applies to 55 (139.7cm)/ 65 (165.1cm)/ 77 (195.58cm)/ 83 (210.82cm) G4 and is compatible with PC-connected content.

Controls right where you
need them

Don't pause to use Game Optimizer and Game Dashboard.

A FPS gaming scene with the Game Dashboard appearing over the screen during gameplay. A dark, wintery scene with the Game Optimizer menu appearing over the game.

*Game Dashboard is activated only when both "Game Optimizer" and "Game Dashboard" is on. 

**Screen images simulated.

Access to all your
favorite games

Thousands of gaming universes right at your fingertips. Explore an epic library of cloud gaming titles and stream them immediately without ever wasting play time on downloads or updates.

A Boosteroid home screen image showing "Trine 4: The Nightmare Price". A GeForce NOW home screen showing five different game thumbnails in right.

*Supported partnerships may differ by country.

**GeForce NOW subscription may be required.

***Boosteroid subscription may be required.


Discover LG OLED AI's vision for tomorrow

Choose what's right for the planet with light, bio packaging and global sustainability credentials.

LG OLED packaging against a beige background with illustrated trees.

*All 2024 LG OLED models feature eco-friendly packing.

**All G4, C4, and B4 models are certified “Environmentally Evaluated".

***The "Reducing CO2" footprint label applies to 77/65/55G4. All C4, and 97/83G4 models feature a "CO2 Measured" label.

****The “Recycled Content” label applies to all G4 & C4 models. Verification based on product sampling using the Mass Balance Approach per ISO 14021.

1.Compared to non OLED evo models and based on the Full White measurement.

2.Depending on the installation environment, there may be a slight gap between the TV and the wall. Installation may vary. See installation guide for details. 

Key Specs

  • TV Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD, mm)

    2155 x 1230 x 28.2

  • TV Weight without Stand (kg)


All Spec


  • TV Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD, mm)

    2155 x 1230 x 28.2

  • TV Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD, mm)

    2155 x 1628 x 580

  • Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)

    2365 x 1530 x 335

  • TV Stand (WxD, mm)

    1658 x 580

  • TV Weight without Stand (kg)


  • TV Weight with Stand (kg)


  • Packaging Weight (kg)


  • VESA Mounting (WxH, mm)

    600 x 400


  • Country of Origin


  • Imported By

     LG Electronics India (P) Ltd

  • Net Quantity


  • Manufactured By

    LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd. Plot No. A5, MIDC Rajangaon, Tal. Shirur, Pune - 412220 (India)

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