Optimal viewing and listening

The 3rd generation α9 AI processor analyzes the quality of the original content with deep-learning technology and optimizes content in accordance with your ambient surroundings. The best watching and listening experience with optimized picture and sound awaits.

LG Alpha9 Optimal View

AI picture pro

Developed from a vast database of over one million visual data points, the deep-learning algorithm recognizes content quality, and the 3rd generation α9 AI processor removes noise, and optimizes contrast and saturation. The result is crisp, higher quality visuals.

LG Alpha9 AI Picture Pro
LG Alpha9 AI Picture Pro

Face enhancing & Text upscaling

Upgraded deep-learning technology makes faces appear more vivid, and on-screen text much sharper and clearer to read.

LG Alpha9 Face Enhancing and Text Upscaling
LG Alpha9 Face Enhancing and Text Upscaling

AI brightness control

A light sensor measures the surrounding ambient light, then the processor finely adjusts tone mapping for optimal screen brightness. HDR content is refined with brightness adjustments that transform darker scenes into ones with stunning contrast, detail, and color depth.

LG Alpha9 AI Brightness Control

AI sound pro

By learning from more than 17 million sound data points, the processor identifies voices, effects, and frequencies so it can optimize sound according to the audio genre.

LG Alpha9 AI Sound Pro

Virtual 5.1 Up-mix

The AI algorithm up-mixes two-channel sound to convincingly mimic 5.1 surround sound, enhancing the quality for a better listening experience.

LG Alpha9 Virtual Up Mix

Adaptive sound control

Whatever you're watching—dramas, sports, movies, news, or music—the processor recognizes it and optimizes the sound for that specific content type. Newsreaders' voices will be clearer, and movie sound effects will be more vivid.

LG Alpha9 Adaptive Sound Control

AI acoustic tuning

The size of the room, the position of the TV, and where you're sitting are detected through the magic remote. The processor then tunes and balances the sound to fit your space.

LG Alpha9 AI Acoustic Tuning