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The right soundbar is more than an upgrade on your TV speakers. It can make a thrilling movie scene more dramatic, that final level every bit tenser. It can be like hearing your favourite piece of music for the very first time. 

Soundbars put several speakers into a single, oblong-shaped device to deliver improved audio without compromising your living space. 

But there are many different soundbar options to choose from. To find the right one for you, focus on how you will be using it. Our guide hand-picks the best LG soundbars for movies, gaming and music.

Introducing the Dolby Atmos soundbar

All LG Supreme Soundbars support Dolby Atmos - surround sound that flows all around you. Freed from traditional channels, sound can be placed with precision by the director. 

Learn more about Dolby Atmos

Best soundbar for movies

The screech of car tyres, crash of thunder and memorable theme tunes – movies rely on sound. Hollywood blockbusters go all out on cinematic scores and noise to match the on-screen action, while indie films use audio to build atmosphere and convey emotion.

Whatever type of movies you love, the right LG soundbar can make movies better. 

Features to love

  • Dolby Atmos: Found in the world’s top cinemas, 5.1.2 surround sound flows all around you – movies in Dolby Atmos
  • DTS Virtual X: Virtual surround sound format. Enjoy 3D surround sound without separate speakers around your home. 
  • Audio power: Up to 570 watts* delivers bigger sound. Feel the ground tremble as a monster approaches or a car chase unfolds (*wattage varies by model).
  • Hey Google: Google Assistant is built into premium LG soundbars – ideal when searching for the ‘best movies to watch on Netflix or Sky Store’.
  • 4K Dolby Vision: Hollywood standard HDR found in the latest movies. Highlights are brighter, blacks are darker. Movies in Dolby Vision
  • Wireless speaker compatibility: Connect your LG soundbar to additional wireless rear speakers in the room to build traditional 5.1 surround sound.

Recommended soundbar – SL10YG

The SL10YG is the most powerful LG soundbar, with 570W output, helping recreate the thrill of the cinema in your home. With its perfect match design, it perfectly complements the 55 and 65-inch C9 OLED TVs, looking, as well as sounding, like a cinema screen.

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Best soundbar for music

From pumping drum and bass and heavy rock to soothing classical music, whatever your tastes you want to hear every note. Your party deserves better than fuzzy sound and tinny speakers. LG Supreme Soundbars deliver powerful audio for any genre. 

Features to love

  • Meridian Audio: LG Supreme Soundbars are engineered by Meridian Audio – one of the world’s biggest names in premium Hi-Fi – read more about LG and Meridian.
  • Meridian Technologies: Sound reaches you at head height with Height Elevation, replicating the gig experience. Meridian experts analyse every LG soundbar for electronics, design and more. 
  • Audio power: Power up to 570 watts* delivers stadium sound for the ultimate festival experience at home. Guitars shred, bass throbs and drums pound (*wattage varies by model).
  • High resolution audio: Enjoy better-than-CD quality audio streaming when listening to Hi-Res audio files on Tidal or Qobuz – pioneered by Meridian.
  • Hey Google: Easily skip songs, change the volume and find out what’s playing without having to touch your phone or tablet.
  • Multiroom compatibility: Create a house party sound by connecting your soundbar to LG wireless rear speakers for audio in different rooms. 

Recommended soundbar – SL9YG

Meridian technology creates a wide sound stage with the SL9YG – perfect for enjoying any music. Hi-Res audio compatibility ensures you’ll get the very best from Tidal and Qobuz. Get the SL9YG

Best soundbar for gaming

Video games have come a long way since the 8-bit sound of Super Mario and co. The modern gaming experience is cinematic, and audio is at its heart – from detailed Dolby Atmos sound effects to ramp up tension and atmosphere, to those big-budget soundtracks that rival the movies. 

Features to love

  • Dolby Atmos:Gears of War 4 and Resident Evil 2 are among the games to benefit from Dolby Atmos. But to experience this object-based audio you need a Dolby Atmos soundbar too. 
  • Powerful speakers: Huge explosions and soaring engines demand powerful sound. LG Supreme Soundbars range from 440W to 570W* for serious audio power (*wattage varies by model). 
  • 4K Dolby Vision: Few games are currently available in Dolby Vision HDR, but that’s expected to change. LG Supreme Soundbars are equipped for the HDR format with 4K Dolby Vision Pass-Through.

Recommended soundbar – SL8YG

Enjoy 440W audio power with the SL8YG soundbar to boost your gaming experience. Dolby Atmos enhances sound for games such as Gears of War 4, adding extra ammo to every gunfight. Get the SL8YG

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Best budget soundbar

If you want quality sound on a tighter budget, LG soundbars with a 3.1 channel are ideal. There’s no Dolby Atmos but it can still boost your TV’s sound thanks to DTS Virtual X. Compatible with wireless rear speaker kits, these soundbars can be used to build 5.1 home cinema.

Recommended soundbar – SL6Y

Three front speakers and a subwoofer deliver immersive movies with DTS Virtual X in the SL6Y soundbar. Stream Hi-Res audio files on Tidal. Add the optional SPK8-S wireless rear speakers to boost its power by 140W. 

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