LG’s ThinQ technology has become the centerpiece of the AI world; and everyday it’s learning more about how AI can assist people in their homes and beyond to make life better.

From checking the temperature of your wine and telling you when to buy milk, to helping you walk better and alerting you when there is an intruder in your house – ThinQ really is the home of the future.

At CES 2020, ThinQ’s features were on show in a special experience room, displaying everyday products for attendants to try out for themselves.

So what makes ThinQ so special? Why would you choose it over other smart home systems? Find out below.

Going a step further

The ThinQ demonstrations at CES 2020 showcased how the technology goes a step further than its counterparts, by interacting and learning with you. While you might have a smart washing machine that responds to your query with ‘yes, I will start the washing’, ThinQ will look beyond the basics. It may offer a suggestion like, ‘because there is less laundry and less pollution, I have a SpeedWash course that ends in 20 minutes.’

LG's flagship washing machine, with AI capabilities, was on show at CES 2020 alongside a number of home appliance products | More at LG MAGAZINE

Instead of simply saying ‘turning on the TV,’ your ThinQ might suggest some movies it knows you enjoy. If you’re cleaning, ThinQ would ask how they can help and which rooms they can assist in which won’t be in your way.

This encapsulates the aim of LG’s smart home system: to go beyond the current boundaries of AI and learn what is best for your unique situation so you can live your best life.

The line-up is getting bigger – and better

ThinQ wants to help with all the things you don’t like doing, and give you more time for what you love. In order to do that, the line-up is constantly growing, and products which have been in prototype mode in past CES exhibitions are getting closer to being available for purchase.

ThinQ technology is particularly fitting within five important aspects of your life.

Your style

With ThinQ, washing clothes will be less of a chore, without compromising performance, energy efficiency and fabric care. The Styler is also on hand to make sure your clothes are looking in top form, and you can check their status remotely on your phone. By understanding sensitivity to different fabrics and levels of fragility, you can be sure ThinQ will help you maintain your perfect style.

The LG Fit Collection was on show at CES 2020, with their smart features helping clothes maintain their sparkle | More at LG MAGAZINE
Inspired gourmet cuisine

ThinQ provides so many benefits in the kitchen, and makes cooking top class meals far easier. You can check what’s in your fridge without looking inside; easily find recipes and create shopping lists; and even order the items you need with a simple voice command. Your appliances can communicate with each other – so the fridge can inform the oven to preheat, for example – saving you time and helping you get every step of the recipe right.

LG's smart kitchen was on hand at CES 2020 to help with all the cooking, from offering recipes to recommendations and helping with the shopping | More at LG MAGAZINE
Life in motion, uninterrupted

By carrying around your ThinQ phone and wearables, you can always be connected to your home so it can optimise to suit your schedule. You can enjoy convenience, security, energy savings and more, even if you’re always on the go. And if you’re on holiday, your ThinQ will go into away mode so you can enjoy extra savings, which is good for both the planet and your pocket.

Entertainment amplified

It’s great that ThinQ makes life easier, but it also makes life a lot more fun. LG OLED TVs are equipped with ThinQ technology and can do everything from booking holidays to choosing your favourite movies and even ordering food with simple voice control. Everything you want can be accessed through your TV, and all you have to do is tell your magic remote.

A couple relax as the LG OLED TV helps them choose their favourite photos to display, with the help of Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant | More at LG MAGAZINE
Opening up to the world

By having open partnerships with the likes of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, ThinQ can offer something for everyone. AI is too big for one company to own everything, and LG wants to share this technology – after all, this is all of our futures and we should shape it together.

This commitment to openness means that ThinQ can be more convenient, fulfil more of your needs and respond to your daily challenges quickly and efficiently.

ThinQ smart home at CES 2020

Come and see LG at CES and experience the ThinQ smart home system for yourself! You can also take a look at the futuristic LG SIGNATURE Rollable TV and more. If you can’t make it, check back with LG Magazine for more updates on all the great products on show.

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