A face-on wide-shot of a wall-mounted Gallery Design showing an artwork

LG OLED Gallery Design

A Work of Art

A TV that’s a work of art

The GX TV was inspired by the finest art.
Since LG OLED self-lit technology does not require backlights,
this unlocks a new world of TV design:
incredibly thin constructions, extremely thin bezels and
ultimately a sleek product that fits seamlessly flush on
your wall like a piece of art.

The mark of tom's guide

“The most elegant wall-mountable design we've ever seen.”

Close-u+p of a hand touching the edge of Gallery Design. The flush-fit is clearly visible

Elegantly engineered

The LG OLED GX is so thin, you’ll barely know it’s there.
The flush wall mount bracket simply clicks into place, with the cables neatly tucked away, to blend perfectly with your wall.
Its minimalist design is like a piece of art that will add a touch of beauty to your home.
Unleash the potential of your space.

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The mark of IF Design Award 2020, The mark of Reddot winner 2020 best of best
Side view of a wall-mounted Gallery Design TV showing artwork in the living room Gallery Design TV Image

*The cable may be visible depending on installation environment.
*Depending on installation environment, there may be a slight gap between the TV and the wall.
*A TV stand is NOT included with the LG OLED GX. As this model is designed to be wall-mounted, it includes a slim mount bracket. The TV stand can be purchased separately.

Dolby Atmos and
ά9 processor
creates movie magic

Movies look stunning on the OLED GX.
The LG ά9 Gen3 AI Processor is at the heart of LG OLED TV.
Our most powerful TV brain, the ά9 gets the most out of 4K content.
While the brand-new Filmmaker Mode boosts movie picture quality.
Then, there’s Dolby Atmos – the latest in cinema sound. Step into the thick of the action with three-dimensional sound.
Dolby Vision IQ adjusts your picture settings to suit the room you are watching in.

The mark of DOLBY VISION IQ, The mark of DOLBY ATMOS, The mark of FILMMAKER MODE, The mark of disney+, The mark of apple TV, The mark of NETFLIX, The mark of LG ThinQ, The mark of Google Assistant, The mark of alexa built-in

Hollywood approved picture quality

Filmmakers Tim Miller and Rob Legato choose LG OLED for watching movies at home.
OLED pixels illuminate one by one to create perfect black levels,
outstanding colour and infinite contrast, so you can enjoy movies
as the director intended. A new world of entertainment.

Angled wide-shot of a wall-mounted Gallery Design showing an artwork Gallery Design TV Image
Angled view of a wall-mounted Gallery Design showing a lanscape picture Gallery Design TV Image

Flush-fit Gallery Design
Artistry on a grand scale

LG OLED GX sits completely flush on the wall thanks to its specially designed wall
mount. It provides a previously unseen level of integration with your space, and it
comes in 3 different sizes — 55, 65, or 77 inches. The choice is yours.

GX Soundbar
The perfect match

The minimal yet powerful GX Soundbar is the perfect match for the LG OLED GX.
The combination of immersive sound and sleek design enables
to enhance your enterteinment experience.

* Soundbar not included in LG OLED GX, can be purchased separately.
* The availability of Soundbar may vary by region.

Two different angles of a wall-mounted Gallery Design with Gallery Soundbar mounted below Gallery Design TV Image

Check out how the GX
TV fits flush to your wall

LG OLED Gallery Design - three options

The LG OLED GX TV is available in three screen-size options.
The right one for you depends on the size of your room and your wall space. Explore the options below.

  1. 2020 OLED TV Gallery Deisgn Lineup 55inch GX


    55 inch

  2. 2020 OLED TV Gallery Deisgn Lineup 65inch GX


    65 inch

  3. 2020 OLED TV Gallery Deisgn Lineup 77inch GX


    77 inch