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LG’s new laundry machines powered by AI technology offers sustainability and efficiency to the laundry routine.

TORONTO, October 28, 2020 – Proper laundry methods are an important aspect to preserving your favourite pieces of clothing, however a recent survey conducted by LG Electronics Canada (LG) reveals that 34 per cent of Canadians do not understand how to correctly read laundry symbols, which can result in damaging clothing. Now available in Canada, the LG AI Front Load ThinQ® Washer and Dryer, helps extend the life of your wardrobe, without the guesswork. LG’s latest laundry innovation introduces AI technology to provide effective, gentle and reliable fabric care for all your clothing items.
With AI technology, the LG AI Front Load ThinQ® Washer compares information against more than 20 thousand data points to program the optimal wash pattern and drying cycle settings for optimal results, improving cleaning and extending the life of garments by 15 percent.

“Understanding garment labels and how to wash different fabrics can help to prolong the life of clothing which can help reduce garment waste, said Ashley Audisho, Senior Brand Manager, LG Electronics Canada. We wanted to bring innovation to the market that truly takes the guess work out of doing laundry and can help Canadians hold onto their favourite clothing items longer.”
Powered by AI technology, the front load washing machine programs the wash cycle to employ customized wash motions, temperatures and times for the optimal wash pattern. LG’s new user-friendly ezDispense™ feature takes the guesswork out of detergent dosage by automatically adding the exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener customized for each load size at precise times during the wash cycle. The machine can conveniently store up to 18 loads of detergent, minimizing the amount of refilling before every load.

This intelligent washer and dryer pair connects with Amazon and Google through LG’s ThinQ® mobile app to provide notifications including when the laundry detergent is running low, how much time is left on the cycle and when the laundry cycle is complete. And when it’s time to dry, the ThinQ mobile app includes a Smart Pairing ™ feature which automatically sends the optimal drying cycle based on the compatible wash cycle that was just used.
The new LG AI Front Load ThinQ® Washer offers additional convenient features that help save users time and deliver superior performance:
• The LG AI Direct Drive™ feature detects the weight and fabric softness of each unique laundry load, by using AI and advanced sensors to identify fabric types in each load.
• TurboWash™ 360 uses powerful jets to surround clothes from multiple angles so detergent can penetrate deep into fabrics for a complete clean – even for big loads – in under 30 minutes
• Compatible with LG TWINWash™ pedestal which can be installed below the front load washer and can save time by allowing users to wash two loads of laundry at a time with two washers in one footprint. Wash small loads in the compact LG TWINWash™ Pedestal washer below while tackling larger loads in the full-size washer drum.

The LG AI Front Load ThinQ® Washer and Dryer can be purchased at all major appliance retailers. For pricing and additional product details, click here.

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* Based on independent testing by Intertek comparing LG models WM4500HBA and WM3900HWA in normal cycle with 8 pounds of clothes. Results may differ depending on load composition and environmental factors.
* Based on 8-12 lb. loads. Always use HE (High-Efficiency) detergent with this washer
About the Survey
Leger completed this Omnibus survey of more than 1,500 Canadian respondents between June 19th and 21, 2020 using Leger’s online panel. Leger’s online panel has approximately 400,000 members nationally and a retention rate of 90%. The margin of error for this study was +/-2.5%, 19 times out of 20.

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