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LG 2020 Air Fry InstaView ThinQ® Range launches in Canada

The latest kitchen innovation offers Canadian cooks healthier cooking options for comfort food favourites

TORONTO, Nov. 3, 2020 - Attention Canadians craving comfort food: the LG Air Fry InstaView ThinQ® Range is now available in Canada, offering healthier alternatives to the indulgent fried foods commonly enjoyed by Canadians in the coming colder months. The complete cooking solution integrates an Air Fry feature within its 6.3-cubic foot capacity oven. The complete range eliminates the need for small air fry appliances that contribute to kitchen clutter and has the benefit to create healthier dishes compared to traditional deep frying.

According to a recent survey commissioned by LG Electronics Canada, 34 per cent of Canadians admit that their eating habits have worsened since the stay-at-home recommendations started earlier this year. Another 35 per cent reveal they have indulged in fried food during this time. Those aged 18-34 are most likely to give into fried food cravings (46%), closely followed by 35 – 44-year olds (43%). Regionally, Quebecers were the least likely to admit that they indulged at 22 per cent compared to 39 per cent which was reported by the rest of Canada.

"These days we all crave extra comfort but that can come with a cost to our health" said renown Celebrity Chef and LG Electronics Canada ambassador, Anna Olson. "An air fryer is a great solution for creating healthier versions of the delicious fried foods so many of us love. Plus, having the air fryer built into the range, cuts down on clutter making this an innovative solution for healthy cooking and a more streamlined kitchen."

The LG Air Fry InstaView ThinQ® Range allows you to create delicious, guilt-free dishes right in your oven. LG's Air Fry feature circulates hot air at high speeds for crunchy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside goodness that's evenly cooked throughout. And because this means no preheating is required, meals go from fridge to table faster than conventional ovens.

With a focus on innovation and convenience, LG's InstaView technology makes it easy to monitor your dish while it's cooking. Knocking twice on the oven's glass door conveniently turns on the interior oven light eliminating the need to open the oven door which can slow down the cooking process, or fumble for the light button with dirty hands. What's more, the EasyClean® and Self Clean® options help to maintain a clean oven for maximum performance every time it's used. Without the use of any chemicals, EasyClean® can remove light food residue in approximately 10 minutes at low heat while Self Clean® employs high heat to eliminate tougher splatter from the oven's interior.

For true connectivity, the LG Air Fry InstaView ThinQ® Range can be controlled and monitored from any room in the house by connecting to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers.

"Canadians crave comfort and convenience, especially this year" said Ashley Audisho, Senior Marketing Manager, LG Electronics Canada. "The LG Air Fry InstaView ThinQ® Range is designed with that in mind- healthier cooking methods, with quality results, and innovation to make your life easier and connect you to what you enjoy."

Additional key stats from the LG Electronics Canada survey include:
•Those aged 18-34 are most likely to give into fried food cravings (46%), closely followed by 35 - 44 year olds (43%). While Canadians aged 55 - 64 are the least likely to indulge (25%)
•Overall, worsening eating habits follow a similar trend with younger Canadians reporting that they are indulging more, a stat that decreases with age.
•Regionally, Quebecers were least likely to admit that they indulged (22% vs. 39% for the rest of Canada), or that that their eating habits had worsened (29% vs. 36% for the rest of Canada), but younger people were certainly more likely to admit it.

About the Survey
Leger completed this Omnibus survey of more than 1,500 Canadian respondents between June 19th and 21, 2020 using Leger's online panel. Leger's online panel has approximately 400,000 members nationally and a retention rate of 90%. The margin of error for this study was +/-2.5%, 19 times out of 20.

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About Anna Olson
Anna Olson is one of Canada's most esteemed chefs. Hosting Food Network's Bake with Anna Olson, Fresh with Anna Olson, and Sugar, she has earned a loyal following in Canada and around the world. With ten successful cookbook publications to her name, including Set for the Holidays, Bake With Anna Olson; and Back to Baking: 200 Timeless Recipes to Bake, recipe development is one of Anna's great accomplishments. Taste Canada Cookbook Awards, the Ontario Hostelry Institute, and the Canadian Food & Wine Institute have recognized Olson for ongoing contributions to the development of Canadian food culture.

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