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How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


Making your home more energy efficient comes with a range of benefits. When your home uses less energy, you will spend less on your monthly utility bills and help the environment. Below are some tips to help you increase energy savings and make your home greener.

#1 Opt for LED over CFL bulbs.

LED bulbs may cost slightly more than CFL bulbs, but the potential benefits are more than worth the added expense. Research shows that LED bulbs can last as much as 3 times longer than CFL bulbs, and cut energy use by 75%1. They are also available in a range of light levels and colours, making it easy to find a design that works for virtually any lighting purpose.

#2 Put your house on vacation mode.

When you leave for vacation, you have a serious opportunity to save some energy. Before you hit the road, make sure your appliances that don't need to be in operation are unplugged or turned off. Many of LG’s appliances have energy smart features developed specifically for sustainability and energy efficiency, such as our ThinQ® technology. This technology allows you to control the operation of your LG appliances from virtually any location using the ThinQ® app on your smartphone.

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#3 Clean and replace air filters in your home.

Keeping a clean HVAC filter2 is one of the best ways to improve energy conservation, as well as to extend the life of your HVAC system. When your HVAC system is operating more efficiently, you will notice lower energy bills. Changing your filter on a regular basis may also reduce allergy symptoms, and it will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

#4 Optimize your dryer for energy savings.

Your dryer can use a great deal of energy if you aren't careful. For many Canadians, the best time of day to do laundry is between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. to save on your monthly utilities bill, however it’s best to check your local region’s off-peak electricity hours, as some provinces do not have them3. In addition to these savings, you should consider investing in an Energy Star® certified dryer such as LG's Ultra Large Capacity Electric Dryer. This dryer comes with a Sensor Dry system that adjusts drying time according to the moisture in your clothes so you can minimize energy use.

#5 Use smart plugs.

Smart plugs4 can be installed into each of your electrical outlets so you can maintain remote control of whatever devices you plug into them. Simply install the smart plugs and use the application on your smartphone to control the device as needed. This allows you to minimize energy consumption by remotely turning off appliances or other electronic devices when they are not in use. Smart power strips are also available.

Adjust your heating and cooling according to the weather

#6 Turn off TVs when not in use.

TVs are often left on even when no one is watching them, which leads to unneeded energy use and expense. Instead of leaving your TV on standby mode, turn it off completely to save energy. To make the process of optimizing TV use even easier, consider upgrading to a smart TV, such as one of LG's OLED TVs. These televisions are equipped with technology that allows you to use Google Assistant or Alexa voice recognition to switch TV's on and off. You can also control these devices using the ThinQ® app on your smartphone. This means that if you forget to turn the TV off before you leave, or even want to turn it off from another room in your home, you can control the power remotely.

#7 Adjust your heating and cooling according to the weather.

Changing the temperature settings in your home based on the weather can lead to substantial energy savings. In fact, changing the temperature by even one degree every 8 hours is estimated to mean an annual saving of 1% per degree on your energy bills5. To make controlling the temperature in your home even more simple and convenient, consider investing in an advanced AC such as LG’s DUALCOOL™ Prestige. This system allows you to optimize energy usage by heating and cooling specific rooms in your home. This AC is also compatible with the ThinQ® app, which allows you to change temperature settings very quickly based on the weather, even if you aren't at home.

Sustainable energy and improved energy efficiency are important goals if we want to keep the environment as healthy as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to conserve energy and boost your energy efficiency. Follow these tips to begin your journey to a more energy efficient home and lifestyle.


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