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Our Sustainability Commitments

LG Electronics takes our sustainable responsibility seriously. We've established three pillars of commitment that guide our actions to be better for the climate, the population at large, and for a more sustainable business environment.

Our Sustainability Commitments

Promote Intelligent Lifestyle

Part of what we recognize as our corporate social responsibility is to be a company that delivers an accessible intelligent lifestyle. Products that allow our customers to pursue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle also must be easy to use.

When it's easier to do the right thing for the environment, people are more likely to make the best choices. We leverage AI and future technology to develop the products that contribute to a sustainable society.

Realize Zero Carbon and Circular Economy

We work toward our Zero Carbon goal by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing energy-efficient products.

In the circular economy, waste during production and e-Waste after a product is used are properly managed. Attention at every stage from mining raw materials, through production, use, and disposal cuts pollution and reduces environmental impact.

Through continual improvement, we strive to remove the harmful environmental effects of products to build a healthier and more sustainable future.

Examples of our environmental stewardship include:

  • Reducing carbon emissions at the production level by 150,000 tons between 2008 and 2020.

  • Achieving 95% recycle rate from waste at production sites.

  • Achieving 80% Green 3 Star Product.

Create a Better Society

As a major manufacturer, we have the ability to become a company that plays a leading role in creating a better society. We can provide the necessary support for a sustainable business ecosystem at every stage.

Creating a sustainable supply chain means utilizing CSR management at every stage from raw material sourcing through the delivery of finished goods.

We are committed to improving how consumers live their daily lives. This includes developing innovations that enhance the convenience and everyday health of the LG user.

Each day, LG works to fulfil our environmental responsibility and to make the world a better place for our workers, the community, and for people throughout the world.