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Audio Settings

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TV- Audio Settings


The audio settings will vary by model. The owner's manual gives very detailed information on each audio setting. Refer to the owner's manual of your unit for a more detailed listing of the different features available.

Audio Menu Settings

Auto Volume: Activates the Auto Volume feature to keep the volume level consistent whenever you change channels. The volume level may not be consistent due to different signal conditions of broadcasting stations.

Clear Voice II: Sets whether to enhance human voice clarity. You can adjust the level of clarity when you set this feature to on.

Balance: Adjust balance between the left and right speakers according to your room environment.

Sound Mode: Selects one of the preset sound modes or customizes options in each mode.

Sound Optimizer: Optimizes the sound depending on the environment in which the TV is installed.

TV Speaker: Turns the internal TV speakers on or off.

ARC Mode (Depends on Model): When using an external audio device with the ARC (Audio Return Channel) feature, SPDIF can be output using only a High Speed HDMI cable without an additional optical cable.

AV Sync.: If the video and sound are not synced, you can adjust it manually.

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