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Adding or Deleting Channels

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TV- Adding/Deleting Channels


The process for obtaining channels is fairly simple. Most of the time this can be accomplished by processing a complete channel scan.

An important thing to note is that the channel structure of an LG Television is broken down into 4 parts in this order (DTV, TV, CADTV, CATV). The channels will only be displayed together within the tuner the TV is currently on. For example:


The TV will cycle through all CADTV stations before it begins to cycle through CATV stations. This means the TV could cycle through channels 2-79 on the CADTV tuner, then jump back to channel 2 to begin cycling through the CATV tuner. It is important to know which tuner the TV is currently using to display the channel. This can be determined by pressing the ‘Info” or ‘Enter’ button on the LG remote.

Check the connection type

In order for your TV to find any stations, you must first be using the TV’s tuner and not a cable box. If you are using a coaxial connection directly from the wall to the television, ensure the cable is tightly and securely screwed into both the TV and the wall. 

 If a cable box is in use, they you do not need to run a chanel scan. The cable box will already have all the channels programmed into it. You just need to change the TV to the input to which the cable box is connected. Contact your cable/satellite service provider if you need further assistance.

Perform a Channel Scan

A channel scan is necessary when using antenna or basic cable from the wall. When a cable/satellite box is used, the TV’s tuner is not in use and will not locate any channels. Be sure the antenna or cable is connected directly to the back of the television. It is important to allow the device to completely scan to 100%. If the device is not allowed to search for all available stations, some could be missing from the channel list.


Press the Home or Menu button on the remote

Select Setup

Select Channel

Select Auto Tuning

Select Start

Note: Many/most digital chanels on cable TV are encrypted. These channels can not be viewed without a cable box.

Deleting Channels

Deleting channels can be done manually through the TV menu.


Press Home/Menu on the LG TV remote.

Select Setup.

Select Channel.

Choose Manual Tuning

Select the channel type and channel number to delete.

Once the channel number is selected, a 'Delete' option should appear if the channel is already in the TV's memory. Press the 'Delete' button to complete the deletion process. The channel will now be removed from the channel list.

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