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Energy Saving Mode

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TV- Energy Saving Mode


Energy Save mode allows you to control the level of energy the television consumes.

Note: Using the intelligent sensor feature will cause the picture to adjust to the amount of light in the room.

Activating/Deactivating Energy Save mode

In order to activate/deactivate Energy Saving, select the green Energy Saving button on the top left of the LG TV remote. Each press of the button will cycle through each energy save option.

Note: You can also reach the Energy Saving feature through the television's menu by selecting the Home button, scroll down to Settings, choose Picture then select Energy Saving.

Energy Saving modes


Auto (LCD) or Intelligent Sensor (PDP): The backlight is adjusted automatically corresponding to the surroundings such as shadows, bright lights, dark rooms, windows, etc. This is not a static setting, it is constantly changing. It is normal to experience fluctuations in brightness or dimness of the picture when this mode is active.

Off: This setting deactivates the energy save feature.

Minimum: Reduces the backlight (brightness) of the screen slightly to conserve more energy. This is a static setting that does not change.

Maximum: Reduces the backlight (brightness) drastically to conserve the most amount of energy possible. This is a static setting that does not change. It is normal for the screen to be very dim when this mode is selected.

Screen Off: When this mode is selected, it turns the TV screen off after 3 seconds. This is helpful if the TV is on a music channel or a source where a static image is always present. Pressing any button on the remote control will turn the screen back on.

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