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Skype - Account Activation

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TV- Skype- Activating Account


A Skype account is required in order to use the Skype feature. A Skype camera and the latest software version are also required in order to use this feature.

In order to run Skype, software version 04.02.24 or later must be installed on the Smart TV.

The camera may be plugged into either USB port on the TV.

The Video Call Camera AN-VC300 (2011) or AN-VC400 (2012) pending year of manufacturing of TV must be connected to the TV (No other cameras are compatible - no generic cameras will work) in order to enter the Skype application.

Setting up the account

If you do not already have an account, the setup steps are simple and should be fairly quick to complete.

If an account is not pre existing on the TV, you will select the RED button on your remote to Create Account.

You will then be prompted to Agree or Disagree to the terms and conditions.

The account creation process will require you to provide some information in the stated fields:

Full Name- your full name or first name may be entered here.

Skype Name- what you wish to appear as your username.

Password- what you will use to log in.

Repeat Password- repeat the previous password.

You will then be prompted for the email address you wish to be tied to the account as well as the country in which you currently reside.

You may set your account to auto sign-in.

You may select to have pop-ups for incoming calls while on the Premium menu.

The Skype setup process is now complete.

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