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Connecting Antenna

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25% of Canadian households do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV. These individuals rely on

“rabbit ear” antenna for television broadcast reception.

Over-the-air TV broadcasting is mainly an issue for nationwide networks who all rely on some

approximately 336 emitting towers across the land. These towers are owned and operated by CBC.

The major TV networks operating in English across Canada are: CBC, CTV, Global, City & Omni.

The major TV networks operating in French across Canada or some just in Quebec are: Radio-Canada,

TVA & V. APTN is an Aboriginal TV network broadcasting over-the-air in the three territories.

There are well over 300 Specialty channels available in Canada all of which can only be viewed through

Cable or Satellite TV subscription.

As of August 2012, there are still only 32 Canadian markets that have converted from over-the-air

Analog broadcasting to Digital TV. Remainder of the country is still receiving over-the-air analog

TV broadcast.

Communities bordering our southern neighbors benefit from direct access to U.S. over-the-air Digital

television channel broadcast.



Connecting Antenna or Cable


If relying on over-the-air TV broadcast for selection of available channels to watch or hooking-up an analog

cable set-top-box receiver to your television to access greater number of viewing channels, please refer to

following diagram for proper installation followed by a few tips for optimal performance.


Connect antenna line to antenna/cable input terminal at the rear of television to watch programs using

outdoor/indoor antenna or analog cable box.



 - Do not bend the copper wire when connecting coaxial line (75 Ω).

 - Turn the terminal nut clockwise to connect to respective TV RF (radio frequency) input jack. 

 - Connect devices first before plugging in power to prevent damages to the TV. 

 - To use more than two TVs with one antenna, purchase additional signal converter to connect.

 - Consult with an antenna specialist or dealer if you experience difficulties installing the antenna or

   getting proper reception.

 - If relying on over-the-air broadcasting, TV tuning will be required to access any available channels.

 - If relying on analog cable set-top-box receiver, the channel tuning is done through the cable box

   according to your subscription package.

- Any analog contraption such as signal booster in between antenna and television may prevent reception

  of Digital TV signals. Consult your dealer for proper gear.


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