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Component Video Input

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Connecting DVD Player


Component Video input/output were introduced to Home Entertainment devices alongside the venue of

DVD players at the very start of the 21st century. Whereas RF input (antenna) consolidates every aspect

of the audio video signal, composite video separates stereo sound from picture detail, S-Video went

further by separating the luminance (Y) grey scale from the chrominance (C) and finally component video

input ensures individual direct path for all three primary colors (red – green – blue).

Customers choosing to make the best of their Home Entertainment display panel connecting a good

number of peripheral devices to it must make do of the limited number of HDMI input jacks at the rear

and side of the TV unless one such peripheral device happens to be a Home Cinema Sound System.

Component video input jacks prove to be a great alternate to HDMI in benefiting customer an extra

high definition input source.



Make sure cables are connected to correct colors.


 - Picture : Connect TV’sComponent  inputY, PB, PR terminals with  DVD’s Y, PB, PR terminals.
 - Sound : Connect TV’sComposite  Inputleft and right sound terminals and DVD’s left and right
                  sound terminals.
How to Use
1. Turn on the TV. PressINPUTon the remote control and selectComponent」.
2. Use after turning on the DVD player.
üComponent inputs can be set for 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p.

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