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Auto Power Savings Mode

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Auto Power Savings Mode (Smart)



Smart  è Settings è Picture è Energy Saving


This feature helps reducing power consumption by adjusting screen brightness.




 - Deactivates energy saving mode.



Minimum / Median / Maximum


 - Applies respective preset Energy Saving mode.

   Picture quality may be compromised pending level of energy efficiency.



Screen Off


 - The screen is completely turned off and only sound is being processed. Pressing any button on the

remote control other than the POWER button will reactivate the screen back “on” again. This feature

is intended to prevent residual image sticking on screen from being static too long whenever listening

to music only channels such as any of the Galaxy offerings.




 - Adapts TV screen settings by monitoring surrounding ambient light through the use of a color sensor.

Ideal for viewers watching as much daytime as night time content without giving themselves the trouble

of constantly re-adjusting picture settings to avoid eye fatigue at night from being too bright or during

daytime from being too dim.  [Feature available only in some models]



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