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Basic Picture Settings

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Fine-Tuning Picture Mode (Smart)



Smart  è Settings è Picture è Picture Mode è



Once preferred Picture Mode has been selected, customize basic picture settings to your preference

to optimize viewing experience by enhancing picture quality through fine-tuning adjustments.





  - Controls the level of screen brightness by adjusting the backlight. The closer to 100 the brighter

the screen.


  - Adjusts the display brightness by varying the brightness of the OLED panel. 



  - Adjusts the contrast between the bright and dark areas of the picture on screen. The closer to 100

the higher the contrast. Too much contrast may result in blooming at the white end of the gray scale.



  - Adjusts the overall screen brightness. The closer to 100 the brighter the screen. Too much brightness

may result in crushing at the black end of the gray scale.



  - Adjusts the sharpness of the image. The closer to 50 the sharper and clearer the image. Too little

sharpness will result in a very soft image. Too much sharpness will often create halos around the edges.



  - Tones down or up the colors displayed on screen. The closer to 100 the deeper the color. Too much

color will result in loss of realism and natural purity.



  - Adjusts the color balance between red and green displayed on screen. The closer to Red 50 a more

reddish overall tint take over the picture. The closer to Green 50 a more greenish overall tint will take

over the picture.  

Color Temperature


  - Adjusts the color temperature to warm or cool. The closer to W50 the warmer the color temperature.

The closer to C50 the colder the color temperature.


NOTE : Pending model, options may not be available.


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