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Picture Advanced Control Options

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Advanced Control / Expert Control (Smart)



Smart  è Settings è Picture è Picture Adjust è Advanced Control



Adjustable advanced picture control options ideal to customize each and every picture mode option.

Start by selecting a picture mode first then customize options.



Dynamic Contrast


  - Corrects the difference between the bright and dark segments of the screen for optimal results

depending on the overall brightness of the picture.


Dynamic Color

  - Adjusts the color and saturation of the picture to make the image on screen more colorful and lively.

 Color Extension Engine

  - Compensates for the image color to be the most suitable for viewers’ visual characteristics.

Preferred Color

  - Adjusts the colors of skin, grass and sky to viewers’ personal preferences.

Super Resolution

  - Adjusts the resolution to make dim and blurred images on screen clearer.


  - Adjusts the medium brightness of the picture on screen.

Color Gamut

  - Selects the range of colors to display.

Edge Enhancer

  - Shows clearer and distinctive yet natural edges to objects in the video.



  - Extended gamut YCC is a color space utilized in electronics set to support a gamut 1.8 times

greater than sRGB color space.

Color Filter

  - Filters a specific color spectrum in RGB colors to fine-tune color saturation and hue accurately.



  - Set of patterns designed at assisting expert calibrator in setting White Balance and basic on-screen

picture settings for optimal viewing experience.


White Balance


  - Expert mode calibration of display panel’s gray scale from purest white to perfect black removing

any color impurities from the blend by balancing all three primary colors at just about any and all shades

of gray for utmost stunning picture reproduction on screen pending quality of video source of course.


 Color Management System


  - For expert use requiring colorimeter, software and know-how.  Front end menu system allowing

professional calibrator to adjust flat panel displays’ primary and secondary colors to nearest perfect

coordinates according to CIE chart. An expertly perfectly calibrated display panel will reproduce most

astonishing images on screen with sheer realism and most natural colors.

Settings selection may vary by input signal and picture mode.

Not all options are available on some models.




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