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Picture Adjustment Options

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Picture Adjustment Options (Smart)



Smart  è Setting è Picture è Picture Adjust è Picture Options


Additional adjustable video settings aimed at optimizing the viewing experience.



Noise Reduction

  - Remove small mosquito dots sparkling on screen so as to clean up the image.

MPEG Noise

  - Reduce noise on screen produced from analog interlaced video converted to digital.

Black Level

  - Compensates screen brightness and contrast by adjusting darkness on screen.

Real Cinema


  - Provides a cinema-like feel and texture (escapism) to the image appearing on screen either by

    decreasing video clock to match 24fps multiple (2:2) or through TruMotion (5:5).

Motion Eye Care


  - Prevents glare and reduces power consumption by adjusting the screen brightness in accordance

    with video signal’s movements and scene transitions on screen.

LED Local Dimming


  - Optimizes the contrast ratio by making the bright segments of the screen brighter and dark segments




  - Optimizes image quality of fast-paced video content material by eliminating blurriness occurring

    in-between image sequence transition.


Settings can be customized for each individual input signal or video mode.



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