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Most video signals are transmitted to a television at a rate of 60 images per second. This means every

single image lingers on screen 16 millisecond or 16 thousandth of a second.

Since 1927 the standard in the movie industry has been and still is currently 24 frames per second. With

TruMotion 120Hz and Real Cinema feature enabled, every movie frames are being processed 5 times

each equally whereas on a normal 60Hz TV, video process needs to resort to 3:2 Pull-Down.

LCD panels regardless of backlighting have this inherent flaw of lagging in between picture succession,

panel response time being measured in millisecond. Still images will never be impacted by shortcoming.

However, the moment motion is introduced to the screen and the greater the acceleration the more

obvious blurriness or trailing effect on character or object edges becomes.


TruMotion technology was introduced to LCD panels to alleviate somewhat flawed processing. By

retaining image on screen half the time (120Hz) or a quarter of the time (240Hz) either through black

screen insertion, in-between image extrapolation or backlight scanning, blurriness in rapid motion

image succession was suppressed for a crisper, cleaner and clearer viewing experience.



TruMotion (Smart)



Smart  è Setting èPicture è Adjust  è Options è TruMotion


[Vary with models]

Digital camera shutter speed effect designed at eliminating blurriness, object edge trailing effect

and residual images occurring especially during extremely fast-paced image sequence transition

while panel experiences difficulties keeping up.



  - Turns TruMotion altogether “OFF” returning TV at processing images at 60Hz.



  - Softens fast-moving picture transition .



  - Makes fast-moving pictures clearer.


Clear Plus

  - Makes fast-moving pictures much clearer using backlight scanning method.

  - Clear Plus unsupported in 3D screen mode.



  - Can manually control juddering / blurriness.

  - De-Judder: Adjusts juddering on screen from sudden scene change in video.

  - De-Blur: Reduces the blurring effects of rapid motion on screen.


Note:  models relying on scanned backlighting only to achieve 120Hz will not feature any of

these aforementioned on-screen adjustments.




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