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Sound advanced setting

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Advanced Sound Setting (Smart)
Smart Sound

Smart  è Setting è Sound è Smart Sound Setting


Depending on type of contents being viewed, Smart sound mode will automatically adjust its settings

to optimize and execute best possible sound reproduction identifiable to respective type of content

material being viewed on screen at the time.


When you select Smart Sound Setting the Sound mode, Virtual Surround Plus and Clear

Voice ll features will be automatically adjusted to enhance viewing experience.




Virtual Surround Function


Smart  è Setting è Sound è Virtual Surround Plus


LG's exclusive sound technology delivers a remarkable version of simulated 5.1 channel surround

sound out of the flat panel displays’ stereophonic speakers compelling viewers to immerse themselves

more in the heat of the action.

When Clear Voice ll is turned ON, Virtual Surround Plus cannot not be selected.

Clear Voice II Function

Smart  è Setting è Sound è Clear Voice II


Clear Voice II function can be adjusted to bring out the dialog from the very noisy background of action

movies that retain good sense of realism while making it difficult for viewers to follow the subtle character

lines amidst the raucous. Not only can feature be enabled but it can also be adjusted to viewers’ liking.


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