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Clock & Timer setting

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Clock ~ On/Off Timer ~ Sleep Timer Setting (Smart)
Sleep Timer Mode

Smart  èSetting è Time è Sleeping mode


Automatically turns TV “OFF” after a certain time.

To cancel Sleeping mode, select “turn Off”.



Clock Setting


Smart  è Setting è Time è Present time


Can check and change clock settings to match viewer’s time zone.


Automatic setting

 - TV time is automatically set as digital time provided by broadcasting station.

For customers relying on a cable/satellite set-top-box receiver with absolutely no antenna

feed such peripheral render TV Time function obsolete & non-operational.


Manual setting

  - If the present time, which has been  automatically set, is incorrect, user can manually change the

    date and time.



“Off/On Timer” Setting


Smart  è Setting è Time è On time/Off time


Allows end-user to set a daily “On/Off” timer to activate/deactivate their television usually done to

give the impression someone is home during vacation or holiday.


Select Off if you do not wish to make use of the “On/Off” timer.

To use “On/Off” timer, correctly set the current time.

Then set a time for TV to turn itself “On” and a time for it to turn itself “Off”.

If “On timer” function only is enabled, the TV will turn off automatically 120 minutes if and

when no button on the remote controller is pushed during that time. Turn off “Off timer”

function if you do not wish TV to turn off automatically.



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