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Registering /Re-Registering Magic Motion Remote (2014)

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Registration / Re-Registration of Magic Remote
Magic remote registration

You must register magic motion remote to TV in order to use magic remote.


Before use, follow these steps to register your magic remote.

1. Turn TV “ON” and after 10 seconds, press Wheel (OK) button towards TV.

2. Remote will be automatically registered and a message ‘Registration is completed’ will appear.

If you fail to register the magic remote, turn TV “Off” then back “On”. Proceed to registering
remote controller once more.
Magic remote re-registration

1. Press and hold Smart  button and Back button for 5 seconds simultaneously.

2. To re-register, press Wheel (OK) button towards TV.

Remote will be initialized if you press and hold both Smart  button and Back button for
5 seconds at the same time.
Pressing Back button towards TV for 5 seconds will initialize and re-register the remote.

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