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[LG webOS TV] Hearing impaired / Visually impaired options

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[LG webOS TV] Accessibility features overview



how to use Hearing Impaired Options


          home  settings  advanced setting  Accessibility Hard of Hearing 

           [This feature is available in certain countries only.]

           This function is recommended for the hearing impaired.
           If it is set to on, subtitles, when made available, will be displayed by default



how to use Setting Subtitle 


          home  settings  advanced setting Accessibility Subtitles  

           View subtitles when the TV station provides subtitled programing. Program subtitles work only on

           digital/analogue broadcasts or external input. 
Subtitles to On and select caption setting.

           This feature is available in certain countries only.



function Visually Impaired Options


          home  settings  advanced setting Accessibility Audio Description

           Turn on/off the text-to-speech conversion of on-screen information for visually impaired viewers. 
           You can use this function only if the broadcasting company supports
Audio Description for the

           visually impaired.

           ● This feature is available in certain countries only.



function Additional Audio functions


          home  settings  advanced setting Accessibility Additional Audio Selection

           Audio commentary or subtitles are provided for those who are hard of hearing or visually




           Selects default Audio.


           Audio Description

           [For the visually impaired] Selects the preferred default Audio combined with Visual Impaired



           Clean Audio

           [For the hearing-impaired] Selects the preferred Clean Effect and Hearing Impaired Audio.


           Spoken Subtitle

           [For the visually impaired] Selects the preferred Visual Impaired Audio only.

           ● This feature is available in certain countries only.


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