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Wireless network connection issue (Wi-Fi)

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[LG webOS TV] Network Connection Issue



Should the Internet prove inaccessible from your LG webOS TV go to Settings > Network > Advanced

settings to confirm network connectivity status to the television. If you experience any of below listed 

problems while using the product, please proceed with respective troubleshooting.

There may be no problem with the actual product. A few things to verify on the side of the Network Access

Point (AP) router:


1.    SSID is being broadcast (visible)

2.    Wi-Fi is activated (turned “on”)

3.    Router firmware version is very latest

4.    Sufficient range of IP address distribution



symptom When X appears next to TV

            network TVX


             - Check the TV or the AP (Router).
             - Check the connection status of the TV, AP (Router) and cable modem.
             - Power off and power on in the following order;
            1. The cable modem, wait for the cable modem to reset.
            2. The AP (Router), wait for the AP (Router) to reset.
            3. The TV.
             - If you are using a wireless connection, change the SSID (Network name) and wireless channel of AP (Router).
             - If you are using a static IP, enter the IP directly.
             - Contact internet service provider or AP (Router) companies.



Symptom When X appears next to Gateway

            network gate way X


             - Check the AP (Router) or consult your Internet service provider.
             - Unplug the power cord of the AP (Router), cable modem, wait 10 seconds.
             - Reapply power. Initialize (Reset) the AP (Router) or cable modem.
             - Contact internet service provider or AP (Router) companies.



Symptom When X appears next to DNS

            network DNS X


             - Check the AP (Router) or consult your Internet service provider.
             - Unplug the power cord of the cable modem or the AP (Router), wait 10 seconds. Reapply power.
             - After the cable modem or AP (Router) has Initialized (Reset), try to reconnect.
             - Check that the MAC address of the TV/AP (Router) is registered with your Internet service provider.
                (The MAC address displayed on the right pane of the network status window should be registered with your Internet service provider.)
             - Check the AP (Router) manufacturer’s website to make sure your router has the latest firmware version installed.


             LG Customer service information to seek assistance located on-screen at home  settings advanced setting General About This TV on the TV.



Wireless Network connectivity for a Smart TV is a convenience at best and really nothing more if and when the priority consists on reducing number of wires running to the television.


Wireless Network connectivity is intended to accommodate peripherals and devices on the move such as smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, portable speakers, etc. Stationary devices, such as a television, will offer greater optimal performance if hard-wired to the router whether for streaming or downloading firmware updates.


So please understand that Wi-Fi antennas are way more robust on a mobile device than on a stationary peripheral and as such retain wireless connection far better than a television.


Ultimately, to obtain best possible performance from your Smart TV, it is highly recommended that the Home Network router be connected by means of hard wire to the television.


That being said, above scenario cannot always be the case pending location of the Internet equipment in the house. So, one might have limited options for the television gaining access to the Internet.


Before you proceed in establishing wireless Internet connection to the television it would be highly advisable to verify following aspects of the home router:


  1. When was the last time you checked for router software update?  If quite some time ago it might be wise to check then update to newer version if available.
  2. Does the home router broadcast SSID? Some users prefer to disable the open broadcasting of their Home Network name so not to attract neighbors and potential hackers. If your case you can enable temporarily or, you will need to enter it manually when prompted as the search for network on TV will return empty
  3. Is the wireless AP router set to accommodate a large number of IP addresses or is it restricted to very few? Will need to be reconfigured if while attempting to connect the TV wirelessly you can see the Network name in the list, you entered the correct password yet the connection will not get established.
  4. Another reason the network name (SSID) is visible from the list of available wireless networks yet inaccessible could have something to do with MAC address filters on your router. Please contact the individual that tightly set-up your Home Network router to either disable MAC address filter or show you how to add a new device to it.


If the wireless connection comes and goes intermittently, check the signal strength from the television’s on-screen display. If it shows less than the four bars try to ascertain the reason between high traffic in the household, distance to router or perhaps solid object obstacles then address issue accordingly.






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