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Monitor – Windows 10 Driver Issue

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Blank Screen, No Video, Flashing Screen


Further to upgrading computer device to Windows 10 Operating System some customers have been experiencing difficulties getting their LG monitor from working properly. Surfing the Internet seeking an answer to this unfortunate situation we have noticed man 3rd party sites recommending downloading latest driver from monitor manufacturer.

Most LG monitors are Plug’n’Play… which signifies they do not require any driver!

Should your LG monitor defy conventional native resolution such as LG UltraWide models, some boasting 2560 x 1080p resolution, others 3440 x 1440p, all offered in 21:9 aspect ratio, driver updates will be required from time to time to allow proper communication between CPU and the screen. These driver updates are located in the Support section of LGECI website under respective model’s page.


  1. Confirm default resolution on PC further to OS update to be compatible and supported by the monitor.
  2. You may need to upgrade and change the cable connecting PC to the monitor. Some customers on the Internet claimed to have upgraded to 4K supported minDP to HDMI cable and their monitor functioned properly thereafter.
  3. Ensure all customized PC settings further to Windows 10 upgrade are compatible and supported by the monitor. If not, please revise settings accordingly.

 Installing Driver

  1. Click “SOFTWARE UPDATE” from model’s Support page.
  2. Locate the Windows 10 Driver filename link and click on it.
  3. Pop-up message will ask to Open or Save? Click Save.
  4. Save the file to an area on your Hard Drive you will remember to access.
  5. Once file has been saved, click Windows button at bottom left corner of screen.
  6. Type device manager in the input box.
  7. Click on “Device Manager” option listed.
  8. Locate Monitor and click it to open to UltraWide model.
  9. In pop-up dialog box click Driver tab, click Update Driver button and click OK.

 Additional Tips:

Delving even further into forum comments & answers, there are a few more suggested options worth investigating prior to making Ultrawide Monitor Driver update you last course of action:

  1. Does the cable support 4K resolution? (i.e. “Cable Matters” over “Rankin”)
  2. Does your system setup involve a “Surface Pro 3”? (many hit & miss from that Microsoft hardware)
  3. Some issues were resolved by changing audio quality from 16-bit to 24!!??!
  4. Has the Graphics card driver been updated?

Should none of the aforementioned suggested troubleshooting tips have proven to have resolved your issues, please communicate with us through the use of survey at the bottom of this article so that we may put more engineers, tech support and resources to get Microsoft to solve this unfortunate predicament once and for all. Help us assist you.



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