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No Power

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No Power


If monitor won't turn “on” when you try, please check

that the power cord at the back of the monitor is inserted fully.

Also, check the wall AC power outlet to ensure plug is fully inserted.

Try plugging in a hair blower or lamp in the same receptacle to find out

whether there is power. If not, check the fuse box or breaker whether blown

or tripped. If so replace the fuse or flip breaker back into position.


If you are using a power strip to power many products, 

please check connection of the power strip and cables.

When monitor is turned "on", a red light should be seen at the bottom in the

center of the monitor bezel.
Standby lamp On)

Should all above troubleshooting fail to resolve the issue, chances are there

is an internal defect or with peripheral device or connecting cable. No power

(no picture on screen) but standby light "on" could indicate a faulty cable or

problem with source of video signal or a damaged LCD panel.

No power and no standby light coming "on" most likely failure at the Power

Supply or main printed circuit board. This will require a service technician to

assess situation.


        Check the power cable at the back of the TV



                                 Check connection to the wall and the power strip




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