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Sparkling dots on screen

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Dots are twinkling.


Noticing dots acting up on some part of the display screen possibly flickering?


1. If the picture test or USB function is available, try the function to check whether same symptom appears and persists at the exact same location on the screen.

2. If the symptom is observed only from viewing content from the set-top box or a particular external device connected to TV, check that device.  

3. If the symptom is observed only when watching a particular channel or program, situation is most likely caused by poor production condition or broadcaster’s transmission signal condition.

4. Should picture test fail and/or all video sources connected to television produce the same glittering effect at the exact same screen location, please attempt to capture a picture of the screen acting up and get in contact with a representative of LG customer service at 1-888-542-2623.


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