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Slight gap between panel & cabinet

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There is an opening between the viewing panel and the casing around it.


It is normal that there is a certain opening between the panel and cabinet of any LCD TV.  ( Standard for opening : 0.5 ~ 1.5mm )

※ When it comes to IPS panel

It is pleasant to enjoy wide-angle viewing exempt of color-shifting as this technology emphasizes greater light dispersion, but when panel is pressed, image may look spread. Therefore there needs to be some slack around the panel to accommodate panel’s ever so slight expansion and contraction.

With this measure, the panel becomes more shock-resistant against any direct force towards the front side.

S-IPS panel provides high picture quality from any side of the living room through its wide viewing angle.

There are two types of panels for LCD TV: S-IPS and VA.
S-IPS panel, the improved version of existing IPS panel, is what we, LGE, adopted in manufacturing.
LG manufactures and provides most of the S-IPS panels distributed in world market with its world class technology.

Generally S-IPS panel is called the counterpart of VA panel, but many experts say that S-IPS panel has wide viewing angle and quick response speed without leaving after image. Also it provides good expression ability of brightness and this point results in good power efficiency. 

In addition, S-IPS panel is suitable to delicately express highly vivid colors of digital broadcasting.
This is because S-IPS panel has the lying structure and this allows for the panel to have wide viewing angle.

S-IPS panel’s good point is checked by pressing it with your finger tip.
Panels which S-IPS is not applied to show spread or dragged image, however, LCD TV with LG S-IPS panel has no issues related to spread or dragged image as its panel has good resilience. It ensures you to watch HD digital broadcasting with much more vivid picture quality.

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